Develop Your Leadership Skills

Better Insight  Better Feedback  Better Results

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Take the 90 day Challenge!

Improve Your People Management Skills in 90 Days with our 3 Step Process


Step 1

Initial Benchmark

Complete our online behavour assessment and receive a comprehensive report along with up to 2 hours of expert feedback and coaching.

You will learn how your patterns of behaviour shape your current leadership and management style, uncover some meaningful development factors and get deep insight into your strengths and leadership style so you can:

  • Understand yourself better
  • Uncover your natural strengths
  • Learn your blind spots
  • Gain insight into your behaviours under stress
  • Develop an understanding of your behavioural imbalances

With better self knowledge you gain the insight to understand others and therefore lead even more effectively

Step 2


 Having taken part in our assessment process, undertake our person-centred coaching program to help overcome retailers and learn to lead from a place of peace and purpose.  

Gain a deeper perspective also on the people around you and how to influence impactful without stress.

  • Identify key issues that hold you back
  • Learn Effective Communication
  • Learn to Lead Collaboratively
  • Identify how to leverage critical strengths to overcome issues
  • Gain more trust and willingness from your team

Step 3

90 Day Challenge!

Take action on the insight you have gain and create a 90 day plan for change both personally and professionally

We will also teach you

  • How to manage poor performers
  • How to get insight into your people and how to motivate them
  • How to understand your teams strengths, stress behaviours, blind spots etc
  • How to manage difficult behaviour
  • How to influence your team to gain better engagement and increased productivity

Take the 90 Day challenge and increase revenue in your business through developing effective management and leadership skills

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Build a Stronger Relationship with Your People

Our mission is effective leadership.  Understanding how your behaviour impacts the relationships with the people you lead and knowing how to adjust for each situation will make you a powerful and compelling leader that people want to follow.  When you think about it, as a manager/leader you can make or break a persons day.  In turn your people can make or break your business.  So why wouldnt you take the challenge?

What Real People Have Said

“Working with Lesley at Nudge People has impacted not only my business but also my life.  I now have the clarity and pathway to follow to make a big difference in the future” Monique, Business Owner

"Management is doing things right, Leadership is doing the right things."

– Peter Drucker