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We love People

A nudge is described as “a function of any attempt at influencing people’s judgment, choice or behaviour in a predictable way that is motivated because of cognitive boundaries, biases, routines, and habits’

Through understanding how people tick, we can lead from insight and impact the engagement and contribution of individuals and teams in the workplace.

We offer a range of solutions to the workplace to help you to set expectations, measure performance, nudge people and grow a robust resilient business.  


We know how people tick

We not only understand behaviour, we live, breath and love human behaviour and how it relates to the workplace.

We help leaders and managers nudge people effectively and efficiently through a range of services including:

  • Individuals, team and business-wide solutions
  • Developing a common-sense strategy based on accountability, not just tasks
  • Support to recruit, develop, manage and lead across your business


we love watching people grow

Humans, unlike machines, bring a complex set of issues, potential and skills.

At Nudge People we provide deep insight into behaviour strengths and weaknesses and we predict job-specific success factors, coaching for a range of issues including:


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Lesley Hardy – Director

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