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You can teach skills, but behaviour is part of our learned patterns of thinking.  Richard Branson is dyslexic, but known as one of the great leaders of our time.  

Watch this talk and find out why.

Maximise performance Behavioural Competencies

Discover the  behaviours that make people competent in a leadership role.

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Strategic Thinking

How Strategic are your team? What is the critical thinking power in your leadership team?

behavioural competencies

Problem Solving

How well do your people use innovative thought together with lateral thinking skills?  

behaviouiral competencies

Achievement Orientation

Are you leaders able to drive for results?  Do you know what hinders that ability?

behavioural competencies

Energising People

How do your leaders inspire passion, action and work together to achieve outcomes? 

Behavioiural competencies


Are your leaders able to spark new ideas and bring them to life through working effectively with others?

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Will your leaders communicate in a way that makes others feel heard?  How does their team know?

Behaviouiral competencies

Impact & Influence

How do your leaders bring people on the journey to achieve organisational goals?  What impact are they having?


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Emerging Leaders

What support do your emerging leaders need?  What are their development gaps and what plan will you put in place?

Behavioural Competencies

Learning Agility

When faced with a changing landscape, how do your leaders regroup, recreate and learn to change priorities?


Behavioural Competencies

Senior leaders

Are your senior leaders aware of their blind spots?  How is that experienced by others?

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Resilience & Perseverance

Are your leaders able to effectively deal with stress and inspire others to be productive under pressure?


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Remote Teams

Do your people have what it takes to work from home?  Do your leaders have what it takes to lead a remote team?

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