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It’s hard figuring out your career and the world is ever-changing.  How about using proven talent analytics used by educators to help students figure out their career direction!

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Tur online career navigation system provides your career enjoyment options from the most enjoyable, to the least.

Based on extensive research, you can learn how you are likely to enjoy certain careers based on your natural fit for the role.

The Harrison Career Navigator is built on the understanding that the more you enjoy, or tend to do certain tasks and behaviours the more likely you will develop, perform better and enjoy more.



Discover your career enjoyment factors

Nearly a third of students change their subjects after the first year of university or drop out.  Not making clear choices or plotting a smart career path can be expensive and timely.

Understanding your fit for jobs early in your career, and even in mid-career can provide a powerful advantage.

Review the top 10 careers that you are best suited to and discover what you would enjoy about them.  Then make study and career choices based on what you enjoy doing.

Get Career Development Insight

No two tigers have the same stripes.  The same is true for careers and study that people are best suited to.  

When you are not sure of your potential, use the career development report to understand your enjoyment of:

  • the tasks
  • interests
  • types of work environments
  • interpersonal skills
  • motivations
  • decision-making tendencies and
  • characteristics related to leadership.
Understand your greatest strengths

Even if you are unsure of the strengths you offer to the world of work, we have you covered.  The “Your greatest strengths” report outlines exactly what your key strengths are.

It provides language you can share with potential employers and help you to hone your career plan based on your own key superpowers.

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