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Predict job performance before you hire

Design  your perfect fit

Hiring new people can be a minefield full of risk and uncertainty.  Use predictive analytics to develop your own assessment of success in the next role you hire.

When you understand what makes a good performer you can confidently make hiring decisions and help your new employee hit the ground running.

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Hire the right best

The best isn’t necessarily the right fit for you,  We tailor our assessments to your unique environment and take into account:


  • Essential Traits – Traits that a top performer must possess
  • Desirable traits.  Traits that while are not essential, are nonetheless important
  • Traits to Avoid – Those hidden unconscious behaviours that may be a risk in your business

Focus your hiring on behaviour alongside skills and hire the best for your business.


We Value Best Fit

Whatever the size of your business, hiring the wrong people with values, preferences and motivation that doesn’t fit your needs is expensive.  Reap the reward when you hire your perfect employee.  We have tailored solutions from small business through to enterprise. solutions

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Job Success Formulas are highly effective for one job, or as an enterprise solution.  All Job Success Formulas are linked to performance.

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All Job Success Formulas are designed specifically with your job and environment in mind.  Get deep insight not only into job fit but how you can get the best out of your new hire.

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Focussed on your job

Because every job is as unique as every environment, we work with you to identify the behaviours of your top performers so we can replicate that

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For larger businesses, gain insight into your entire workforce with the data collected from our smart questionnaire and inform your leadership on engagement, risks and potential and more.

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As specialist talent analytics professionals, we offer support at all levels including implementation of your own strategic talent analytics system.

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Time & Resources

Using our Job Success Formula for job design, you will save time and resources dealing with hiring mistakes, and have more time to drive business outcomes

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Before you need us, why not get in touch and find out how job analysis and job success formulas work.

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