Leadership Competencies

Discover the  top traits that support your ability to be the best leader you can be

Emerging Leaders

Support your emerging leaders by identifying specific competency gaps for development and focus your coaching on development needs while leveraging their key strengths.  Utilise our development plans designed to target specific development needs.

Senior Leaders

Compare your existing senior leaders to the 10 top competencies that are proven to correlate to success.  Assess your strengths and development needs as a team and maximise leadership potential.  Drive excellence with our targeted development plans

Predict Leadership Behaviours with Paradoxical Behaviour Assessment

Paradoxical pairs of behaviour are a unique way of taking a deep dive into how we balance our behaviours. 

Understanding the synergistic nature of paradoxical behaviours will pinpoint areas of development and opportunities to leverage strengths, as well as support insight into stress behaviours.

Bring balance to your leadership and your life and get the insight for your team.


What Leaders Say

Serial Entrepreneur, Adam Goldenberg speaks about what it’s like to use Harrison Assessments behavioural psychometric testing tools to help build great teams in startups and established companies.

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