Predictive Analytics for Development Insight

Our Services


Behaviour Assessment and Debrief

Gaining deeper insight into your own behaviour is the first step to development.  As specialist Certified Harrison Assessment debriefers, we are trained in behaviour debrief deliver for leaders and Executives 

Conflict Resolution Coaching

We work with individuals and teams to help bring resolve to tricky situations and work with you to bring a healthy resolve based on insight and agreed pathways going forward.


Leadership Coaching

We work with Leaders to help develop self awareness and people skills to get effective outcomes from the team.

Team Composition

Not all teams naturally get along.  Use Predictive Analytics to help identify hotspots and support leaders and managers to design and build high performing teams.

Resilience Training

Being a Leader puts a lot of pressure on an individual.  Understanding behaviour strengths and Paradoxical imbalences helps support wellness and resilience to help overcome stress so leaders can execute from a place of strength and insight

Training New Leaders

We create and deliver workshops specifically for your emerging leaders.  From forming great teams to collaboration and communication skills we listen to what you need and design accordingly

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