A Culture of Engagement


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Individuals and Teams

Align individual goals with employee motivating factors and boost discretionary effort and engagement.

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Identify Gaps

Create a Shared Responsibility for engagement through insight into what your employees are willing to do in order to build a better culture

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Articulate Culture

Gain deep insight into current culture in your organisation and identify gaps and opportunities to improve

Why Engagement?

Harness the power of Passionate Teams

Employee Retention

Understand the factors that create massive engagement in your business. Make your business a preferred place to work where people can be at their best, know what is and have passion for performance

Build Culture

Culture goes deeper than “the way we do things”  Culture is created from the people.  Use analytics to understand your culture so you can leverage the power of collaborative community to drive productivity.


Highly engaged teams work together collaboratively to get the job done.  All they need is clarity and support. Review your people’s engagement factors, and discover what else they offer.

Cultural Analytics

Understand your people across the organisation at all levels and gain insight into how best to leverage and develop culture in a way that delivers outcomes.

Actionable Expectation Analysis

Includes systemised actions to help drive the right outcomes from insight gained.  Tips on next steps to manage collaboratively

Comprehensive results

Provides comprehensive reports on employee expectations and motivating factors along with a results dashboard so you can keep your finger on the pulse

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