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Pre Hire Screen

 Hire right, first time and save hours looking at the wrong CV’s
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Create your perfect fit

Create a template of your perfect employee and hire with accuracy

Leverage Diversity

Hire the best person with the right fit regardless of where they come from

Hire using Predictive 

Talent Analytics


Smart Questionnaire

One 20 minute online questionnaire provides key data for screening, hiring and developing people.

Measure Eligibility Factors

Identify key factors such as education, experience, willingness and more to screen for fit.  Save hours of recruiter time and money

Job Success Analysis

Identify Essential, desirable and avoid traits for each job.  Take into account environment, manager preferences and more

Online Recruitment Dashboard

Quickly identify the top 20% of candidates based on the analysis you have done.  If the behavioiurs don’t fit, save hours trawling through the wrong CV’s

Cognitive Scores

Use smart technology to measure Cognitive scores linked to the job.    Do they have the smarts?  Includes numerical, verbal and problem solving skills

Third Party Assessments

Add third party assesments such as typing, software skills etc to create an overall success score for your candidate


Maximise the Efforts of your Recruitment Team

Significantly decrease your recruitment spend, free up your Recruitment Team to give more value in attraction strategy and impact your engagement, retention and culture.  

Increase Hiring Accuracy  by over 90% and decrease Hiring admin time by 70+%  

Find out more about predictive analytics for Hiring success

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Simon Sinek

“You don’t hire for skills, you hire for attitude.  You can always teach skills.”

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