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by | Apr 2, 2020

Life and Career Planning Strategist

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Personal Life Coaching & Career Assessment

Specialist Coach in Life and Career Planning

Certified Practitioner In

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Matrix Reimprinting
Life coaching
Cognitive Behavioural TherapyRelease

Relieve Stress & Anxiety and create the life that fits who you are

Helping You navigate life and career

Your journey begins!

Take a step forward into your true self and say goodbye to the pain, stress and anxiety of being someone you don’t want to be.

Uncover the innate strengths that are uniquely yours and develop a strategy that helps you life the life and career that fits the true you

Career Assessment & Coaching

Communication Coaching

Emotional Wellness Support

Goal Setting

Stress & Anxiety

Quickly release stress from your life and create an inner peace.  Deal with Anxiety and release thoughts that hold you back

Career Assessment & Coaching

Our online Career Report uncovers your innate strengths and specific development Opportunities

Communication Coaching

Supports both work and personal relationships and enables better insight.  Get communication clarity 

Goal Setting

Get clear in what drives you and become certain of the path you want to take in any area of life


I had no idea of what was really holding me back.  It was very emotional but now I feel a sense of peace I never felt before


I have let go of everything that was causing me pain.  I just can not be bothered thinking about it.  Its funny, people are so much nice to me now.


I had no idea what my next move was going to be.  Now I know and I have a clear plan for moving forward.  Im not scared any more


Free Coaching Resources

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Working From Home Book

Discover tips for being effective and looking after your wellness while working from home

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Life Balance Questionnaire

Get clear on where your life is right now so you can begin to create a strategy to move forward

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Thriving in Isolation Workshop

Sign up for our free “Thriving in Isolation” workshop for those who are working from home.

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