To help you get through the Covid19 Lockdown, we are creating new workshops all the time to help you through.

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Working from Home Series



Thriving in Isolation - 7&8 April

By Lesley Hardy, Talent Solution and Wellness Specialist

Get together to deal with issues round working from home. Click the + for more info

This free workshop is created with you in mind.  You may be struggling to focus and stay productive for a number of reasons.  Take time ouit and join us for this 1.5 hour workshop

Topicscovered include

  • Wellness
  • Staying Productive
  • Communicating effectively when working remotely
  • Mindful Self Leadership

Scheduled Sessions in NZ Time.

 Tuesday 7 April 10am and 12pm

Wednesday 7 April 10am 

New Sessions may be added if requested.  Keep an eye out for any further sessions




$65.00 incl GST

coming soon

Leading Remote Teams

By Lesley Hardy, Talent Solution and Wellness Specialist

Remote working is the new norm and more than ever this needs to be factored as part of your workforce strategy

Leading a remote team will require a mindset shift from manager to Leader and challenge leaders to communicate and lead in a different way.


$55.00 INCL GST

coming soon

Tapping into Inner Peace

By Lesley Hardy, Talent Solution and Wellness Specialist

Let's get together and learn some Body/Mind techniques for releasing stress

Let's face it.  Tension will build up in this environment. and more than ever, we are faced with the fact we are merely human.
Learn Emotional Freedom Technique for releasing stress, anxiety, fear and more and create an internal environment that is calm in the stormiest of waters

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