People focussed Outcomes


Management & Leadership

Minimise the revolving door to your business.  We help you solve people problems and create a working environment where everyone gives their best.
Through our focus on accountability, collaboration and outcomes, we help minimise people issues in the following areas

Poor Performance Ineffective Hiring Decisions
Poor Leadership Lack of Clarity
Lack of Accountability Toxic Culture
Absenteeism Dysfunctional Teams
Poor Behaviour Workplace conflict

People Leadership

Mobilising the workforce

Move people from good to great in any job.   Success in every job relies on a number of things.  Hire, manage and develop based on clarity.

We help you build Job Success Formulas that fit your business, leadership style and team dynamic.

We help you gain deep insight into what makes your workplace tick so you can ensure whoever works for you knows what they are there to do, and has the right mix of skills and attributes to fit your environment.



People Analytics

Nudge People works with Harrison Assessments to provide predictive data to measure the potential of your people at all levels.

With just  one  very clever smart questionnaire for each individual we are able to offer insight across the lifecycle of your employee along with analytics.  This includes

Pre Hire Screening Development
Performance Benchmarking Engagement & Fulfilment
Culture Assessment Succession Planning
Leadership Development Team Development
Coaching Organisational Development
Competency Development Career Development


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 “Finite players play to beat the people around them. Infinite players play to be better than themselves.”… Simon Sinek

Our Expertise

Developing Cohesive Teams

Leadership Development

Competency Assessment & Analysis

Coaching and Workshops

Free  Behavior  Debrief

Understand yourself so you can better understand your people

(for leaders & HR Professionals)